24 hour off licences in Derbyshire

Welcome to 24 Hour Alcohol, the place to find your local 24 hour off licence and alcohol delivery service in the Amber Valley, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derby, Derbyshire Dales, Erewash, High Peak, North East Derbyshire and South Derbyshire local authority districts.

New temporary COVID-19 restrictions on alcohol sales times do NOT apply to shops in England, which are still permitted to sell alcohol at their usual times, even during lockdown. So supermarkets, convenience stores & petrol station forecourts with 24 hour alcohol licences can continue to sell alcohol all night. In Wales, all shops must stop selling alcohol between 10pm-6am every night.

Map of all 24 hour off licences in Derbyshire

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This map shows the locations of all off licences in Derbyshire that are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, including supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagents, grocery shops and petrol stations/garages. Now you can find your nearest 24 hour off licence and buy beers, wines, spirits and other booze at any time of the night. You can even find companies offering late night alcohol delivery in some areas of Derbyshire.

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Tesco & Asda are the only large supermarket chains that usually operate 24 hour stores but both companies stopped opening 24 hours at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around half of all Asda stores that opened 24 hours pre-coronavirus have returned to 24 hour trading (except Sundays & Bank Holidays). Tesco only resumed 24 hour opening at some superstores in the run up to Christmas but have now gone back to reduced opening hours at all but 7 stores in the whole of England & Wales. Many other 24 hour shops in our database are still open for business as usual, however, some retailers are operating reduced opening times due to a drop in custom at night caused by all the COVID-19 lockdowns, tier restrictions, nightlife shut down, pub closures etc. therefore we highly recommend phoning ahead to check that your local 24hr shop is open as normal to avoid a wasted journey. If you spot any errors with our database, please hit the Report Incorrect Data button to quickly let us know. Cheers!

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Amber Valley

  • Asda Langley Mill Superstore
    Station Road, Langley Mill, NG16 4LH
    01773 536120
  • Co-Operative Food Petrol Station (Central England Co-Operative Hartshay Service Station)
    Hartshay Hill, Ripley, DE5 3GU
    01773 741064
    Open 24/7
  • Tesco Alfreton
    Hall Street, Alfreton, DE55 7BT
    0345 677 9833
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (MFG Swanwick Service Station)
    Old Swanwick Colliery Road, Swanwick, Alfreton, DE55 1HJ
    01773 833993
    Open 24/7
  • Shop’N Drive/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Swanwick Service Station)
    Derby Road, Swanwick, Alfreton, DE55 1BG
    01773 603004
    Open 24/7
  • Spar/Jet Petrol Station (Lion Garage Belper)
    Bridge Street, Belper, DE56 1AX
    01773 822177
    Open 24/7
  • Morrisons Belper Superstore
    Chapel Street, Belper, DE56 1YA
    01773 828055
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Tesco Heanor
    High Street, Heanor, DE75 7EX
    0345 677 9341
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Sainsbury’s Ripley Superstore
    Nottingham Road, Butterley, Ripley, DE5 3QP
    01773 513262
    Not currently open 24 hours


  • Morrisons Daily/Shell Petrol Station (Harvest Energy Retail HKS Meteor Service Station)
    2-4 Alfreton Road, South Normanton, DE55 2AS
    01773 860028
    Open 24/7
  • Bargain Booze Select Convenience/Tate Oil Petrol Station (High Street Garage)
    108 High Street, Tibshelf, Alfreton, DE55 5NU
    01773 874090
    Open 24/7
  • Shell Chesterfield North Petrol Station (Tibshelf Motorway Services)
    Roadchef Tibshelf Services (M1 Northbound J28-J29), Newton Wood Lane, Newton, Alfreton, DE55 5TZ
    01773 591553
    Open 24/7
  • Shell Chesterfield South Petrol Station (Tibshelf Motorway Services)
    Roadchef Tibshelf Services (M1 Southbound J28-J29), Newton Wood Lane, Newton, Alfreton, DE55 5TZ
    01773 875078
    Open 24/7
  • Tesco Chesterfield Clowne
    Mill Green Way, Clowne, Chesterfield, S43 4LJ
    0345 677 9789
    No longer open 24 hours


  • Tesco Extra Chesterfield
    Lockoford Lane, Chesterfield, S41 7EW
    0345 026 9569
  • Londis/Esso Petrol Station (MFG Peveril Filling Station)
    Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 8JZ
    01246 236170
    Open 24/7. This garage has recently started selling booze after gaining a 24hr alcohol licence so may currently only stock a limited range of drinks. You may wish to call before visiting to check that your required beverages are available.
  • Spar/Jet Petrol Station (Blakemore Retail Ashgate Service Station)
    108 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, S40 4AQ
    01246 279631
    Open 24/7
  • Shop’N Drive/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Brampton Service Station)
    561 Chatsworth Road, Brampton, Chesterfield, S40 3JX
    01246 567547
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/Jet Petrol Station (MFG Brimington Service Station)
    High Street, Brimington, Chesterfield, S43 1DE
    01246 556795
    Open 24/7
  • Sainsbury’s Chesterfield Superstore
    Rother Way, Stonegravels, Chesterfield, S41 0UB
    01246 202379
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Wharf Lane Convenience Store
    1 Wharf Lane, Chesterfield, S41 7NE
    01246 207960
    Licensed to sell alcohol 8am-2am every day

City of Derby

  • Mr Booze Express
    44 Midland Road, Derby, DE1 2SP
    01332 292988
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/Texaco Petrol Station (MFG Traffic Filling Station)
    Traffic Street, Derby, DE1 2NL
    01332 340402
    Open 24/7
  • Co-Op Food/Texaco Petrol Station (Co-Operative Group Duffield Road Service Station)
    27 Duffield Road, Derby, DE1 3BH
    01332 363997
    Open 24/7
  • Texaco Petrol Station (Pentagon Service Station)
    Chequers Road, West Meadows Industrial Estate, Derby, DE21 6EN
    01332 341104
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (MFG Whittleway Service Station)
    Sir Frank Whittle Road (A61), Derby, DE21 4RX
    01332 297172
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Derby Supercentre
    Derby Road, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7UY
    01332 661751
  • KeyStore Express/Jet Petrol Station (Harvest Energy Retail HKS Brobot Littleover)
    475 Burton Road, Littleover, Derby, DE23 6FQ
    01332 766198
    Open 24/7
  • Londis Express/BP Petrol Station (Ring Road Services Station)
    Osmaston Park Road, Pear Tree, Derby, DE23 8WL
    01332 986050
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Sinfin Superstore
    Sinfin District Centre, Arleston Lane, Sinfin, Derby, DE24 3DS
    01332 777200
  • Premier Store/Gulf Petrol Station (DSK Island Filling Station)
    2 Raynesway, Alvaston, Derby, DE24 0DU
    01332 571392
    Open 24/7
  • Morrisons Daily/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Harvey Road Service Station)
    Harvey Road, Derby, DE24 8JZ
    01332 571281
    Open 24/7
  • Select & Save
    811 Osmaston Road, Allenton, Derby, DE24 9BQ
    01332 341140
    Open 24/7
  • M&S Simply Food/BP Petrol Station (Fairway Connect)
    Uttoxeter Road, Mickleover, Derby, DE3 9GE
    01332 518127
    Open 24/7
  • Shell Select Little Waitrose/Shell Allestree Petrol Station
    325-339 Duffield Road, Allestre, Derby, DE22 2DG
    01332 558699
    Open 24/7

  • Tesco Derby Mickleover
    Kipling Drive, Mickleover, Derby, DE3 9NH
    0345 677 9215
    No longer open 24 hours
  • Sainsbury’s Chaddesden Superstore
    Wyvern Way, Chaddesden, Derby, DE21 6NZ
    01332 280880
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Bargain Booze Select Convenience (Rowditch Off Licence)
    231-233 Uttoxeter New Road, Rowditch, Derby, DE22 3LJ
    01332 200934
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • M&S Foodhall Kingsway Derby
    Unit 8B Kingsway Retail Park, Kingsway, Derby, DE22 3FA
    01332 370943
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Newdigate News
    6 Newdigate Street, Normanton, Derby, DE23 8UY
    01332 774722
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Sainsbury’s Osmaston Park Superstore & Petrol Station Forecourt
    1 Peak Drive, Derby, DE24 8EB
    01332 771177
    Not currently open 24 hours

Derbyshire Dales

  • Morrisons Daily/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Matlock Green Service Station)
    Matlock Green, Matlock, DE4 3BT
    01629 582179
    Open 24/7
  • Sainsbury’s Ashbourne Superstore
    Coopers Mill, King Edward Street, Ashbourne, DE6 1BW
    01335 347601
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • M&S Foodhall Ashbourne
    Waterside Retail Park, Waterside Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1DG
    01335 348894
    Not currently open 24 hours


  • Asda Long Eaton Superstore
    Midland Street, Long Eaton, NG10 1NY
    0115 983 6100
  • KeyStore Express/Jet Petrol Station (Harvest Energy Retail HKS Brobot Breaston/Belmont Service Station)
    161 Wilsthorpe Road, Breaston, Derby, DE72 3AF
    01332 874422
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Petrol Station Ilkeston Nottingham Road
    Nottingham Road, Ilkeston, DE7 5BD
    01773 549704
    Open 24/7 – Night pay window 10pm-6am
  • Beer Cave/Applegreen Petrol Station (Nutbrook Service Station)
    Derby Road, Ilkeston, DE7 5FH
    0115 944 1348
    Open 24/7
  • Tesco Extra Ilkeston Chalons Way
    Rutland Street, Ilkeston, DE7 8DG
    0345 677 9807
    No longer open 24 hours
  • Tesco Extra Nottingham Long Eaton
    Waverley Street, Long Eaton, NG10 1HG
    0345 677 9827
    No longer open 24 hours

High Peak

  • Tesco Express Buxton/Esso Petrol Station
    127 London Road, Buxton, SK17 9NW
    0345 675 6958
    Open 24/7
  • Tesco Glossop
    Wren Nest Road, Glossop, SK13 8HB
    0345 677 9299
    No longer open 24 hours
  • Mace Convenience Store/BP Petrol Station (Brookfield Service Station)
    Brookfield, Dinting, Glossop, SK13 6JE
    01457 856792
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Tesco High Peak Whaley Bridge
    Bridgemont, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, SK23 7PD
    0345 677 9725
    Not currently open 24 hours

North East Derbyshire

  • Bargain Booze Plus/Tate Oil Petrol Station (Renishaw Service Station)
    Station Road, Renishaw, Staveley, S21 3WF
    01246 432555
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (Harvest Energy Retail HKS Brobot Stretton)
    Main Road, Stretton, DE55 6EW
    01246 866708
    Open 24/7
  • Spar/Texaco Petrol Station (Blakemore Retail Holmewood Service Station)
    Chesterfield Road, Holmewood, Chesterfield, S42 5TE
    01246 850530
  • Tesco Extra Clay Cross
    Bridge Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9NG
    0345 026 9633
    No longer open 24 hours
  • Sainsbury’s Dronfield Petrol Station
    Sheffield Road, Dronfield, S18 2GE
    01246 292530
    Not currently open 24 hours

South Derbyshire

  • Asda Petrol Station Woodville Burton Road
    Burton Road, Woodville, Swadlincote, DE11 7JE
    0116 243 8352
    Open 24/7 – Night pay window 10pm-6am
  • Shell Select Little Waitrose/Shell Derby Petrol Station
    Derby & Burton Services (Toyota Island Interchange), Etwall Road, Willington, Derby, DE65 6DX
    01283 704536
    Open 24/7
  • Spar/BP Petrol Station (Harvest Energy Retail A38 Northbound/HKS Egginton)
    A38 Northbound, Egginton, Derby, DE65 6GY
    01283 703198
    Open 24/7
  • Spar/BP Petrol Station (Harvest Energy Retail A38 Southbound/HKS Willington)
    A38 Southbound, Willington, Derby, DE65 6GY
    01283 703707
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Welcome Break Derby Services Eastbound
    Derby South Motorway Service Area (A50 J1/J2), A50 Eastbound, Shardlow, DE72 2WA
    01332 794194
    Alcohol is sold 24/7 at WHSmith
  • Welcome Break Derby Services Westbound
    Derby South Motorway Service Area (A50 J1/J2), A50 Westbound, Aston-on-Trent, DE72 2WW
    01332 794127
    Alcohol is sold 24/7 at WHSmith
  • Gulf Petrol Station (Etwall Fuel Express)
    Etwall Road, Mickleover, Derby, DE3 0DN
    24 hour alcohol licence but no longer sells alcohol as garage is now unmanned
  • Sainsbury’s Local Swadlincote Glamorgan Way
    Unit A, Glamorgan Way, Church Gresley, Swadlincote, DE11 9GB
    01283 221793
    Not currently open 24 hours

The off licences listed on this page are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day by the 9 local licensing authorities in Derbyshire: Amber Valley Borough Council, Bolsover District Council, Chesterfield Borough Council, Derby City Council, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Erewash Borough Council, High Peak Borough Council, North East Derbyshire District Council and South Derbyshire District Council.

24 hour off licences in areas neighbouring Derbyshire: Leicestershire, Greater Manchester (Oldham, Stockport & Tameside), Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, South Yorkshire (Barnsley, Rotherham & Sheffield) and West Yorkshire (Kirklees)

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Please Note: Just because a shop has applied for, and been granted, a 24 hour alcohol licence, doesn't necessarily mean that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In some areas, there are many shops that have decided not to open all night, even though they are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours. It's also worth noting that on Sundays, large supermarkets over 3000 sq ft (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Iceland etc.) are only permitted to open for a maximum of six hours due to Sunday trading laws in England and Wales, therefore large 24 hour supermarkets can only open all-night on week nights and Friday nights - don't get caught out after 11:59pm on a Saturday night! Some large Tesco supermarkets (usually Tesco Extra branches) open at one minute past midnight on Monday morning (aka Sunday night). Where possible, we've listed opening times of stores but these should only be used as a guide, as trading hours of individual shops may change from time to time. We've tried to list the phone number for each 24 hour off licence so you can confirm opening times before setting off on your quest for 24 hour booze. If you're planning to visit a 24 hour supermarket operated by one of the large supermarket chains, you may prefer to use their store locator to check opening times, especially on bank holidays and during Coronavirus lockdowns. Every effort has been made to ensure the information published on this website is correct but 24 Hour Alcohol assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions. Please let us know if you do spot any errors, either by using the contact form, error reporting facility or by calling us on 020 8144 2424. If there isn't a shops open around-the-clock near you, it may still be possible to almost instantly get alcohol after hours from a local on-demand delivery service.