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Map of all 24 hour off licences in Bristol

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    This map shows the locations of all off licences (supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery shops, petrol stations etc.) that are permitted by Bristol City Council to sell alcohol 24 hours. Shops selling alcohol 24 hours in areas of Bristol where premises are licensed by South Gloucestershire Council can be viewed on our Gloucestershire page and 24 hour booze shops in Bath and North East Somerset on our Somerset page. The easiest way to locate late night booze is to use our new 24 hour off licence locator which will show the nearest shops with 24hr alcohol licences, from all licensing authorities in England & Wales, based on your location.

    If you don’t fancy walking to a 24 hour shop to get booze, visit our Alcohol Delivery Bristol section to get food and drinks delivered in Bristol from your local after hours alcohol delivery service.

    Shops licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours in the City of Bristol

    • The Best Supermarket 24 Hours 7 Days
      82 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY
      0117 924 3766
      Open 24/7
    • Local Off Licence & Convenience Store
      42A Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0EZ
      0117 922 6767
      Open 24/7
    • Asda Bedminster Superstore
      East Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4JY
      0117 923 1563
    • Lifestyle Express/Harvest Energy Petrol Station (Ambassador Service Station)
      Winterstoke Road, Bristol, BS3 2NP
      0117 966 5920
      Open 24/7
    • Shell Arnos Castle Petrol Station (Castleside Service Station)
      St Philips Causeway, Arnos Vale, Bristol, BS4 3BD
      0117 933 2536
      Open 24/7
    • Tesco Extra Bristol Brislington
      Callington Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5AY
      0345 677 9079
    • Morrisons Daily/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Hengrove Way)
      South Bristol Business Park, Roman Farm Road, Bristol, BS4 1UJ
      0117 964 9554
      Open 24/7
    • Bus Stop News, Off Licence & Convenience Store
      115 Fishponds Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6PN
      0117 951 2168
      Open 24/7
    • Whitehall Stores
      342 Whitehall Road, Whitehall, Bristol, BS5 7BW
      0117 952 5127
    • Londis/Texaco Petrol Station (SGN Global Fuel Whiteway Service Station)
      19-29 Bell Hill Road, Bristol, BS5 7LT
      0117 955 4072
      Open 24/7
    • Tesco Extra East Bristol
      Eastgate Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6XU
      0345 677 9076
    • Mace Convenience Store/Esso Petrol Station (Easton Service Station)
      168 Easton Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0ES
      0117 954 1803
      Open 24/7
    • Top 24 Off Licence & Convenience Store
      112 Church Road, Redfield, Bristol, BS5 9LJ
    • Bargain Booze Plus Bristol
      370-372 Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0BE
      0117 969 9901
    • Beer Cave/Applegreen Petrol Station (Bishopston Service Station)
      106-114 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8NL
      0117 942 3308
      Open 24/7
    • Shop’N Drive/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Hotwells Service Station)
      Hotwell Road, Bristol, BS8 4RP
      0117 925 2657
      Open 24/7
    • Londis/BP Petrol Station (SGN Global Fuel Frenchay Park Service Station)
      213A Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1LF
      0117 970 1977
      Open 24/7
    • Shop’N Drive/BP Petrol Station (Rontec St Andrews Service Station)
      St Andrews Road, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9HS
      0117 923 5648
      Open 24/7
    • Co-Op Food/Texaco Petrol Station (Co-Operative Group Shirehampton High Street)
      High Street, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 0DE
      0117 938 1688
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • Melvin Square Post Office (Best One)
      10 Melvin Square, Bristol, BS4 1LZ
      0117 966 3670
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • Easton Post Office & Convenience Store (Premier)
      425 Stapleton Road, Bristol, BS5 6NA
      0117 951 7933
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • Asda Bristol Whitchurch Superstore
      Oatlands Avenue, Hengrove, Bristol, BS14 0ST
      01275 839431
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • Sainsbury’s Winterstoke Road
      111 Winterstoke Road, Ashton, Bristol, BS3 2NS
      0117 966 3064
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • Sainsbury’s Dingles
      46-56 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1RE
      0117 922 1693
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • M&S Foodhall Bristol Avonmead
      Avon Meads Retail Park, St Philips Causeway, Arnos Vale, Bristol, BS2 0SP
      0117 971 9136
      Not currently open 24 hours
    • Alcohol First Bristol (The Booze Brothers)
      Big Yellow Self Storage, Barrow Road, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 0AE
      0845 224 0619
      Delivery Only!
    • WhenUWantIt Alcohol Delivery
      Unit GW24, 10 Clift House Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1RX
      0800 328 2866
      Delivery Only!
    • Partymedic
      Big Yellow Self Storage, Barrow Road, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 0AE
      Delivery Only!

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    The off licences listed on this page are licensed by Bristol City Council to sell alcohol 24 hours a day.

    Shops with 24 hour alcohol licences in areas neighbouring the City of Bristol: Gloucestershire and Somerset

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    Please Note: Just because a shop has a 24 hour alcohol licence doesn't necessarily mean that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In some areas, there are many shops that have decided not to open all night, even though they are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours. It's also worth noting that large 24 hour supermarkets (Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's) are not permitted to open 24 hours on Sundays (due to Sunday trading laws in England and Wales), so are only of any use on weekdays or Friday nights - don't get caught out on a Saturday night! Some large Tesco supermarkets (usually Tesco Extra branches) open at midnight on Monday morning (Sunday night). Where possible, we've listed opening times of stores but these should only be used as a guide, as trading hours of individual shops may change from time to time. We've tried to list the phone number for each 24 hour off licence so you can confirm opening times before setting off on your quest for 24 hour booze. If you're planning to visit a supermarket operated by one of the large supermarket chains then you may prefer to use their store locator to check opening times, especially on bank holidays and in the run up to Christmas. Every effort has been made to ensure the information published on this website is correct but 24 Hour Alcohol assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions.