HungryHouse All Night Alcohol Delivery Services

Hungry House is an online portal for takeaway food & drink delivery, connecting customers to restaurants across the UK.

If you’re a regular when it comes to ordering takeaways online, then you’ve no doubt heard of Hungry House, a website which allows you to get fast food delivered from restaurants in your local area. What you may not know is that HungryHouse don’t just offer food delivery but also all-night alcohol delivery, enabling customers to order beer, wine, spirits and even tobacco and cigarettes.

Since the introduction of 24 hour drinking in England and Wales, delivery services providing all night alcohol have sprung up in towns and cities, delivering booze to homes on-demand. Here at 24 Hour Alcohol, we have been helping people find all night alcohol delivery in the UK for many years and HungryHouse has been a great resource in that respect.

More and more drink delivery firms are joining Hungry House all the time, so if you’ve checked before and haven’t found any companies covering your address, maybe it’s time to look again to see if your house is now covered. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Order alcohol online from your local drinks delivery service via the Hungry House website.

Hungry House Alcohol Delivery

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to drop what you’re doing to go out to the shops to restock on booze, but fear not, there may be a 24 hour or all night alcohol delivery service near you that’s listed on Hungry House, so you can quickly order online and continue with whatever it is you’re doing until you hear that knock on your door, which means your drinks have arrived.

In large cities like London and Manchester, there are numerous alcohol delivery services operating throughout the night, giving you more choice. In some locations, alcohol can be ordered 24 hours a day, but usually drinks delivery services are only open during the night, as evenings, late nights and early hours of the morning are the times when there’s a high demand for booze delivery. Some companies are open in the daytime too but it’s less common that all night delivery.

How do you order alcohol online from HungryHouse?
If you’ve never ordered a takeaway from HungryHouse before, don’t worry, it’s very straightforward. Once you’ve clicked through to the HungryHouse website, enter your postcode and you will then be presented with a list of restaurants that deliver to your address.

HungryHouse All-Night Beer & Wine DeliveryTo narrow down the results so you only see takeaway services offering alcohol delivery, make sure the “All Night Alcohol” checkbox is selected (in the Cuisines selection box). You will now be viewing all drinks delivery companies in your area that are currently open and delivering booze late at night. Now just select a company and choose your drinks from the delivery menu. Beers, wines, spirits, champagne, soft drinks and cigarettes/tobacco are all usually available on-demand. Once you’ve decided what you want to order, proceed to the checkout and select your preferred payment method, which can be cash on delivery or debit/credit card online. And that’s it.

Once your alcohol has been ordered, it will subsequently be delivered to your house, in exactly the same way your local food takeaway operates. When ordering takeaway food and drink from HungryHouse, you will never be charged more than if you were to order food or drink direct from the company offering delivery.

The history of Hungry House

HungryHouse logo in the early days of all night alcohol delivery

Original HH logo

Hungry House was originally founded in 2003, by Tony Charles and Shane Lake, with the online ordering portal going live in 2006. Tony and Shane appeared on BBC TV programme, Dragons’ Den in 2007, where entrepreneurs Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan offered to invest £100,000, however, the deal later fell through after the filming of the show had finished.


Most recent HungryHouse drink delivery logo

Latest HH logo

In 2012, HungryHouse merged with Delivery Hero. Delivery Hero is a Berlin based company which operates online food delivery platforms in more than 50 countries, with over 5000 employees globally. In December 2016, it was announced that HungryHouse’s biggest rival, Just Eat, had agree to purchase HungryHouse from Delivery Hero. The deal was subject to an in-depth investigation by the Competition & Markets Authority and given the go-ahead in October 2017. HungryHouse is now fully owned by Just Eat.


Looking for alcohol after hours? If you want beer and wine delivered, why not check out our alcohol delivery section, or if you don’t mind visiting a local shop, check out our Database of all 24 hour off licences in England & Wales. Here at 24 Hour Alcohol, we specialise in connecting the public with drink delivery services and retailers licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours, thanks to 24 hour drinking regulations.

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