24 hour off licences in Tyne & Wear

Welcome to 24 Hour Alcohol, the place to find your local 24 hour off licence and alcohol delivery service in Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland local authority districts.

Map of all 24 hour off licences in Tyne & Wear

The locations of all 24 hour off licences in Tyne & Wear are displayed on this page, enabling you to find supermarkets, convenience stores, general dealers and petrol filling stations/garages in Tyne and Wear licensed to sell alcohol around the clock. The 24 Hour Alcohol website lists 24hr shops and late night drink delivery services in the North East, so you can buy booze 24/7. If you’re interested in ordering alcohol for delivery, check out our alcohol delivery section to find a company offering all night delivery near you.

Since the pandemic, Asda is the only large supermarket chain with superstores open 24 hours. Many other 24 hour shops and petrol filling stations in our database are still open for business as usual 24/7 so you shouldn't have a problem finding booze anytime, however, some retailers are still, even now, operating reduced opening times, therefore we highly recommend phoning ahead to check that your local 24 hour shop is open as normal to avoid a wasted journey. The map on this page shows 24 hour alcohol licences issued in the areas specified but you can also use our 24 hour shop locator tool to display nearest shops with 24hr licences based on your current location (which is useful if you're located near the edge of the above map). If you spot any errors with our 24 Hour Alcohol database, please hit the Report Incorrect Data button to quickly let us know. Cheers!

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  • Tesco Extra Gateshead Trinity Square
    1 Trinity Square, Gateshead, NE8 1AG
    0345 610 2906
  • Londis/Esso Petrol Station (MFG Swallow Filling Station)
    Old Durham Road, Gateshead, NE8 4BL
    0191 478 1962
    Open 24/7. Formerly BP.
  • Best One/Jet Petrol Station (SGN Retail TG Convenience Stores Felling Service Station)
    Park Road, Gateshead, NE8 3HL
    0191 477 8249
    Open 24/7
  • Best One/Jet Petrol Station (SGN Retail TG Convenience Stores Sunderland Road Service Station)
    Sunderland Road, Gateshead, NE10 0NR
    0191 469 0490
    Open 24/7. This garage was recently granted a 24 hour alcohol licence.
  • Londis/Jet Petrol Station (Penny Petroleum Four Aces Filling Station)
    A184 Westbound, White Mare Pool, Gateshead, NE10 8YB
    0191 469 3029
    Open 24/7
  • Premier Express/Jet Petrol Station (Penny Petroleum Durham Road Service Station)
    Durham Road, Birtley, Chester le Street, DH3 2PF
    0191 410 9616
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/Esso Petrol Station (Penny Petroleum Rapid Service Station)
    Durham Road (A167 Southbound), Harlow Green, Gateshead, NE9 7TD
    0191 487 7243
    Open 24/7. Formerly Jet.
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (MFG Lobley Hill Filling Station)
    Lobley Hill Road, Gateshead, NE11 0UH
    0191 487 4298
    Open 24/7. This garage has recently started selling booze after gaining a 24hr alcohol licence so may currently only stock a limited range of drinks. You may wish to call before visiting to check that your required beverages are available.
  • Shop’N Drive/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Clockmill Service Station)
    Clockmill Road, Dunston, Gateshead, NE8 2QX
    0191 460 4996
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Gateshead Supercentre
    Metro Centre, 1 Gibside Way, Gateshead, NE11 9YA
    0191 460 2981
  • Shop’N Drive/BP Petrol Station (Rontec Derwent Service Station)
    Derwenthaugh Road, Swalwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 3BJ
    0191 414 5374
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (MFG Races Service Station)
    Derwenthaugh Road, Axwell Park, Blaydon-on-Tyne, NE21 5PG
    0191 414 0328
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (MFG Swalwell Filling Station)
    Hexham Road, Swalwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 3AD
    0191 488 8321
    Open 24/7
  • Morrisons Daily/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Crawcrook Service Station)
    St. Agnes Villas (B6317), Crawcrook, Ryton, NE40 4NU
    0191 413 6191
    Open 24/7
  • Sainsbury’s Team Valley Superstore
    Eleventh Avenue, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, NE11 0JY
    0191 491 1627
    Not currently open 24 hours

Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Mr Q Off Licence
    24 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DW
    Usually closes at 3am on Friday night/Saturday morning & Saturday night/Sunday morning and midnight on other nights of the week
  • Asda Gosforth Superstore
    Great North Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5DY
    0191 213 0933
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (MFG North Road Service Station)
    Great North Road, Grange Park, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 2DQ
    0191 285 2268
    Open 24/7
  • Co-Op Petrol Station (Co-Operative Group Gosforth Park)
    Rotary Way, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5EH
    0191 236 7233
    Open 24/7
  • Tesco Extra Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Brunton Lane, Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 2BF
    0345 677 9483
  • Londis/Esso Petrol Station (MFG Airport Way Service Station)
    Ponteland Way, Cowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 3HX
    0191 214 0644
    Open 24/7. Formerly BP.
  • Londis/Shell Petrol Station (MFG Skyway Service Station)
    Newcastle International Airport, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 8BZ
    01661 822277
    Open 24/7. Formerly Budgens.
  • M&S Food To Go Newcastle Airport
    Terminal Building, Newcastle International Airport, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 8BZ
    Not currently open 24 hours

North Tyneside

  • Asda Benton Superstore
    Whitley Road, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 9SJ
    0191 270 5700
  • Tesco Extra North Shields
    West Chirton Industrial Estate, Norham Road, North Shields, NE29 7UJ
    0345 677 9513
  • Londis/Esso Petrol Station (MFG Blue Sign Service Station)
    Coast Road (Eastbound), Wallsend, NE28 9HS
    0191 234 4893
    Open 24/7. Formerly BP.
  • Londis/Esso Petrol Station (Penny Petroleum Chirton Main Service Station)
    Front Street, Chirton, North Shields, NE29 7QW
    0191 296 1142
    Open 24/7
  • Shell New York Road Petrol Station
    Silver Fox Way, Shiremoor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE27 0TS
    0191 296 6162
    Open 24/7
  • Shop’N Drive/BP Petrol Station (Rontec Shiremoor Service Station)
    Earsdon Road, Shiremoor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE27 0RE
    0191 252 1286
    Open 24/7
  • Spar/Shell Petrol Station (The Kay Group Tyneside Autoparc Service Station)
    Sandy Lane, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5HE
    0191 737 1127
    Open 24/7
  • Shell Annitsford Petrol Station
    Burradon Road, Annitsford, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 7BD
    0191 250 0976
    Open 24/7
  • Sainsbury’s Whitley Bay Superstore
    Newstead Drive, Whitley Bay, NE25 9EX
    0191 297 1522
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Morrisons Killingworth Petrol Station
    The Killingworth Centre, West Bailey, Killingworth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 6YT
    0191 216 1656
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Morrisons Tynemouth Superstore
    Collingwood Centre, Preston North Road, Preston Grange, North Shields, NE29 9QR
    0191 296 4494
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • MK Mini Market & Off Licence
    136 High Street West, Wallsend, NE28 8HZ
    0191 263 9889
    24 hour alcohol licence for delivery only

South Tyneside

  • Asda South Shields Superstore
    15 Coronation Street, South Shields, NE33 1AZ
    0191 275 8020
    This store was recently granted a 24 hour alcohol licence
  • Shop’N Drive/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Town Hall Service Station)
    Crossgate, South Shields, NE33 5QX
    0191 454 4813
    Open 24/7
  • Premier Express/Gulf Petrol Station (SRJ Energy Moor Lane Service Station)
    8-10 Moor Lane, Harton, South Shields, NE34 6BZ
    0191 454 1221
    Open 24/7
  • Spar/Gulf Petrol Station (Certas Energy Ridgeway Service Station)
    393 King George Road, South Shields, NE34 8AQ
    0191 456 5829
    Open 24/7. Formerly Costcutter/Jet.
  • Best One/Shell Petrol Station (PW & B Richardson T/A Park Road Group Boldon Lane Service Station)
    Boldon Lane, West Harton, South Shields, NE34 0NB
    0191 455 3141
    Open 24/7. Formerly Gulf.
  • Asda Boldon Supercentre
    North Road, Boldon Colliery, NE35 9AR
    0191 536 6300
  • Londis/Pace Petrol Station (SRJ Energy Hedworth Service Station/Fellgate Services)
    Leam Lane (A194 Southbound), Jarrow, NE32 4SL
    07429 135333
    This garage was granted a 24 hour alcohol licence on 14 April 2021 but is currently closed for redevelopment and expected to eventually reopen sometime in 2022.
  • Shell Whitemare Pool Petrol Station
    Leam Lane (A194 Northbound), White Mare Pool, Gateshead, NE10 8YB
    0191 469 9610
    Open 24/7
  • Londis/BP Petrol Station (Penny Petroleum Redwood Service Station)
    Jarrow Road, Tyne Dock, South Shields, NE34 9PS
    0191 428 7672
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Tesco South Shields
    Towers Place, Simonside, Jarrow, South Shields, NE34 9QD
    0345 677 9800
    24 hour alcohol licence for December only


  • Family Shopper/Esso Petrol Station (SRJ Energy Northview Service Station)
    North View Terrace, Colliery Row, Houghton‐le‐Spring, DH4 5NW
    0191 385 2770
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Washington Superstore
    The Galleries, Washington Centre, Washington, NE38 7NF
    0191 416 3838
  • Co-Op Petrol Station (Co-Operative Group Parsons Road Washington)
    Parsons Road, Washington, NE37 1EZ
    0191 418 7239
    Open 24/7
  • Shop’N Drive/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Washington Service Station)
    Heworth Road, Washington, NE37 2PX
    0191 415 1193
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Sunderland Superstore
    Leechmere Road, Grangetown, Sunderland, SR2 9TT
    0191 565 2222
  • Morrisons Daily/Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Durham Road Service Station)
    Durham Road, Sunderland, SR2 7PD
    0191 514 2658
    Open 24/7
  • Premier/Gulf Petrol Station (SRJ Energy Pallion Service Station)
    Pallion Road, Sunderland, SR4 6ND
    0191 565 1049
    Open 24/7
  • Nisa Express/Jet Petrol Station (Ascona Group Foxcover Filling Station)
    Durham Road, East Herrington, Sunderland, SR3 3NS
    0191 528 1703
    Open 24/7. Formerly Spar.
  • BP Petrol Station (Rontec Grindon Mill Service Station)
    133 The Broadway, Grindon, Sunderland, SR4 8HB
    0191 525 1172
    Open 24/7
  • Asda Convenience Store/Asda Sunderland Thompson Road Petrol Station
    Thompson Road, Sunderland, SR5 1SF
    0191 511 1146
    Open 24/7. Between 11pm-6am alcohol is sold via the night pay window/hatch.
  • Shop’N Drive/BP Petrol Station (Rontec Wessington Service Station)
    Wessington Way, Sunderland, SR5 3NX
    0191 549 1855
    Open 24/7
  • Tesco Extra Sunderland
    Unit 1, Sunderland Retail Park, Sunderland, SR6 0BT
    0345 610 2892
    No longer open 24 hours
  • Low Fuel Prices, Always Petrol Station (Applegreen Harbour View Service Station)
    Action Station, Dame Dorothy Street, Sunderland, SR6 0EZ
    0191 565 3665
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Sainsbury’s Sunderland Superstore
    Silksworth Lane, Sunderland, SR3 1PD
    0191 511 0800
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Sainsbury’s Washington Superstore
    The Galleries, Washington Centre, Washington, NE38 7RU
    0191 541 4050
    Not currently open 24 hours
  • Makro Washington Cash & Carry
    Sedling Road, Wear Industrial Estate, Washington, NE37 1LX
    0191 419 7221
    Membership required – Not currently open 24 hours

The off licences listed on this page are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day by the 5 local licensing authorities in Tyne & Wear: Gateshead Council, Newcastle City Council, North Tyneside Council, South Tyneside Council and Sunderland City Council.

24 hour off licences in areas neighbouring Tyne & Wear: County Durham and Northumberland

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Please Note: Just because a shop has applied for, and been granted, a 24 hour alcohol licence, doesn't necessarily mean that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In some areas, there are many shops that have decided not to open all night, even though they are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours. It's also worth noting that on Sundays, large supermarkets over 3000 sq ft (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Iceland etc.) are only permitted to open for a maximum of six hours due to Sunday trading laws in England and Wales, therefore large 24 hour supermarkets can only open all-night on week nights including Friday nights - so don't get caught out on a Saturday night! Where possible, we've listed opening times of stores but these should only be used as a guide, as trading hours of individual shops may change from time to time, especially on Bank Holidays. We've tried to include the phone number for each 24 hour off licence so you can confirm opening times before setting off on your quest for 24 hour booze. If you're planning to visit a 24 hour supermarket operated by one of the large supermarket chains, you may prefer to use their store locator to check opening times. Every effort has been made to ensure the information published on this website is correct but 24 Hour Alcohol assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions. Please let us know if you do spot any errors, either by using the contact form, the inbuilt error reporting facility or by calling us on 020 8144 2424 and leaving a voicemail. If there isn't a shops open around-the-clock near you, it may still be possible to almost instantly get alcohol after hours from a local on-demand delivery service.