Just Eat Alcohol Delivery Services

Just Eat is an online takeaway ordering website that allows users to order food and drink online for home delivery to areas across the UK.

What happened to all the alcohol delivery services that were listed on Just Eat, the online takeaway ordering website?
If you order alcohol from Just Eat on an occasional or regular basis, you may have noticed that your local alcohol delivery service on Just Eat has either been removed or is showing as “Closed” at times when it should be open. The sad news is that on 11 November 2013, Just Eat removed alcohol delivery, grocery delivery and drinks delivery services from their website. Just Eat claim the reason behind this unexpected decision is because they wish to concentrate on their core business; takeaway food delivery. It does seem strange for Just Eat to ditch all the alcohol delivery services that were listed on their website, as they did have a fairly large selection of companies that covered a wide variety of regions across the UK (in places like London and Manchester there was a lot of choice). There were some drinks delivery services that had been on Just Eat for years, but they too were removed in what we’re going to call the great Just Eat alcohol delivery service cull. Some takeaway delivery restaurants that deliver food also offer to deliver alcohol to homes too – these businesses have not been affected by the cull, however, often restaurants that focus on fast food delivery don’t open late or allow you to order alcohol unless you order a set amount of food to go with it, which is pretty annoying when you just want to get alcohol delivered.

Now that Just Eat have removed drinks delivery services from their website, where can I order booze online?
Now that all the companies offering alcohol delivery have been removed from Just Eat, you may be wondering where and how you can order booze for home delivery these days. Well, the good news is that Just Eats biggest rival, Hungry House, have listed UK drinks delivery services on their website for a few years and have no plans to remove them.

Hungry House Drinks Delivery


Some of the alcohol/drinks delivery services that were dumped by Just Eat have recently moved over to HungryHouse (some have always been listed on both Just Eat and Hungry House but others have joined Hungry House since being removed from Just Eat). So you can still order booze online for fast delivery to your door. The Hungry House website operates in a very similar way to Just Eat, so you’ll find it very straightforward to use.

To order alcohol online for fast home delivery, click on the Hungry House logo above to find drinks delivery services that deliver booze to your local area late at night. You can also browse our pages dedicated to alcohol delivery in specific areas, such as London, Essex, , Manchester, Preston, Lancashire, Blackpool, Lancashire, Sheffield, South YorkshireWatford and St Albans, Hertfordshire.

It’s sad that Just Eat decided to remove alcohol delivery services from their website but who knows, one day they may reverse that decision (don’t forget, all the drinks delivery services paid Just Eat a percentage of every sale). For now at least you can order alcohol from their biggest competitor, Hungry House, who you may remember from the BBC TV programme Dragons Den.

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