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24 hour off licences in Kent

Map of all 24 hour off licences in Kent

This map shows the location of every 24 hour off licence in Kent, so you can find supermarkets, convenience stores, corner shops and petrol stations that are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day - perfect for when you want to buy booze late at night but don't know where your nearest 24hr off licence is located.

Don't feel like walking to a 24 hour shop? Then use your local Alcohol Delivery Service (available in some parts of Kent).

Tesco Extra Ashford Crooksfoot, Hythe Road, Willesborough, Ashford, TN24 0YE - 0345 677 9008
Asda Ashford, Kimberley Way, Ashford, TN24 0SE - 01233 655000
Costcutter/BP Petrol Station (Ashford Service Station), Brookfield Road, Stanhope, Ashford, TN23 4ES - 01233 622441
Applegreen Ashford Service Station, 35 North Street, Ashford, TN24 8LQ
Esso Malthurst Petrol Station (Hothfield Service Station), Maidstone Road, Hothfield, Ashford, TN26 1AP - 01233 714637
Sainsbury's Bybrook, Simone Weil Avenue, Ashford, TN24 8YN - 01233 610841 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Asda Canterbury, Sturry Road, Canterbury, CT1 1DG - 01227 479719
Esso Petrol Station (Lakeside Service Station), Sturry Road, Canterbury, CT1 1DS - 01227 768315
Esso Petrol Station (Wincheap Service Station), 188 Wincheap, Canterbury, CT1 3RY - 01227 477028
Texaco Harbledown Service Station (Thasha Services), Dover Road (A2), Upper Harbledown, Canterbury, CT2 9AZ - 01227 764091
Tesco Extra Whitstable, Millstrood Road, Whitstable, CT5 3EE - 0345 677 9720 (No longer open 24 hours)
Sainsbury's Canterbury, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury, CT1 1BW - 01227 456860 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Asda Greenhithe, Crossway Boulevard, Greenhithe, Kent, DA9 9BT - 01322 374100
Esso Petrol Station (Greenhithe Service Station), London Road, Greenhithe, DA9 9EJ - 01322 383721
Shell Invictus Petrol Station (Vanguard Service Station), London Road, Stone, Dartford, DA2 6AS - 01322 223722
Esso Petrol Station (Winston Service Station), 224 Princes Road, Dartford, DA1 2PZ - 01322 292679
Esso Petrol Station (Dartford Service Station), 474 Princes Road, Dartford, DA1 1YT - 01322 293354
Shell Petrol Station (Hawley Service Station), Hawley Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1PU - 01322 221158
Shell Petrol Station (Burnham Road Service Station), Burnham Road, Dartford, DA1 5BN - 01322 286153
Marks & Spencer Simply Food, Unit 3 Prospect Place, Dartford, DA1 1DY - 01322 279461 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Tesco Extra Dover, Honeywood Parkway, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, Dover, CT16 3PS - 0345 677 9223
Spar/Esso Petrol Station (Whitfield Service Station), Dover Service Area, Sandwich Road, Whitfield, Dover, CT16 3LF - 01304 824158
Spar/BP Petrol Station (Priory Service Station), 6-12 Folkestone Road, Dover, CT17 9RU - 01304 214747
BP Petrol Station (Dover South Services), Limekiln Street, Dover, CT17 9EF - 01304 204740
Esso Petrol Station (Richborough Service Station), Ramsgate Road, Sandwich, CT13 9NL - 01304 613362
Spar/Esso Petrol Station (MRH Walmer), 137 Dover Road, Walmer, Deal, CT14 7JH - 01304 371046
Sainsbury's Deal, 36-38 West Street, Deal, CT14 6AH - 01304 371007 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Asda Gravesend, Imperial Business Park, Thames Way, Gravesend, Kent, DA11 0DQ - 01474 560333
Spar/Shell (Tollgate Service Station), Watling Street, Gravesend, DA11 7NP - 01474 564481
Spar/Texaco (Pelham Road Service Station), 58-72 Pelham Road South, Gravesend, DA11 8QS - 01474 567743 (24hr licence except 3AM-6AM Sat & Sun)

Broadway Express International Groceries & Off Licence, 23-25 The Broadway, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8QX - 01622 695180
Tesco Maidstone Grove Green, Grovewood Drive, Weavering, Maidstone, ME14 5TQ - 0345 677 9447
Spar/Texaco Petrol Station (Ashford Road Service Station), Ashford Road, Maidstone, ME14 5DA - 01622 355120
Best One Express/Esso Petrol Station (Chatham Road Service Station), Chatham Road, Sandling, Maidstone, ME14 2ND - 01622 683597
Shell Sandling Road Petrol Station, Sandling Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2RL - 01622 693057
Shell Detling Petrol Station, Detling Hill, Detling, Kent, ME14 3HT - 01622 632800
Costcutter/BP Petrol Station (Parkwood Service Station), Sutton Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 8RA - 01622 751285
Morrisons Daily Petrol Station, St. Saviours Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9NN
Spar/Texaco Lenham Service Station, Ashford Road, Lenham, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 2DB - 01622 854700
Roadchef Maidstone Services, Motorway Service Area, Junction 8 M20, Hollingbourne, Kent, ME17 1SS - 01622 631100
Tesco Maidstone, Farleigh Hill, Tovil, Maidstone, ME15 6RQ - 0345 677 9475 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Sainsbury's Maidstone, Romney Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6SF - 01622 681183 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Sainsbury's Local Headcorn, 34 High Street, Headcorn, Ashford, Kent, TN27 9NE - 01622 892072 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Tesco Extra Gillingham Kent, Courteney Road, Gillingham, ME8 0GX - 0345 677 9300
Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Darland Service Station), 149-151 Watling Street, Gillingham, ME7 2YY - 01634 571076
Esso Petrol Station (Rontec Temple Farm Service Station), Cuxton Road, Strood, ME2 2NY - 01634 715987
Asda Chatham, 387 Maidstone Road, Chatham, ME5 9SE - 01634 666112
Esso Petrol Station (MRH Gibraltar Service Station), 1 New Road, Chatham, ME4 4RY - 01634 880517
Shell Petrol Station Medway, Dock Road, Brompton, ME4 4SU - 01634 880939
Rose Wine Gillingham Supermarket, 73 High Street, Gillingham, ME7 1BJ
BP Chatham Petrol Station, 188 Maidstone Road, Chatham, ME4 6EW - 01634 405927 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Tesco Rochester, 3 Cuxton Road, Rochester, ME2 2DE - 0345 677 9654 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Sainsburys Hempstead Valley, 10-14 Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre, Hempstead, ME7 3PB - 01634 382400 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Champaign Celler, 127 Station Road, Rainham, ME8 7SP - 01342 871555 (Mail Order Only!)

Tesco Sevenoaks Riverhead, Aisher Way, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 2QS - 0345 677 9593
Asda Swanley, London Road, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7UN - 01322 668526

Tesco Folkestone, Cheriton High Street, Cheriton, Folkestone, CT19 4QJ - 0345 677 9273
Spar/BP Petrol Station (Hythe Service Station), Seabrook Road, Hythe, CT21 5RS - 01303 238923
Shell Channel Gateway Petrol Station, Stop 24 Services, J11 M20, Stanford Intersection, Hythe, CT21 4BL - 01303 230192
Esso Petrol Station (Eurotunnel Service Station), Egress Road, Eurotunnel UK Terminal, Folkestone, CT18 8XX - 01303 271748
Sainsbury's West Park Farm, Park Farm Retail Park, Park Farm Road, Folkestone, CT19 5GA - 01303 850810 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Asda Bouverie Place, Bouverie Place, Folkestone, CT20 1AU - 01303 213000 (Not currently open 24 hours)
The Co-Operative Food, 100-102 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, CT20 2QN - 01303 256303 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Tesco Sheerness, Bridge Road, Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, ME12 1RH - 01795 567600
BP Petrol Station (Queenborough Service Station), 265-269 Queenborough Road, Isle of Sheppey, ME12 3EW - 01795 663133
Shell Petrol Station (Lynchgate Service Station), Thanet Way, Whitstable, ME13 9EL - 01227 753900
Esso Petrol Station (Gate Service Station), Gate Hill (A2), Dunkirk, ME13 9LN - 01227 750723
Sainsbury's Sittingbourne, Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne, ME10 4DN - 01795 475877 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Sainsbury's Faversham, Bysing Wood Road (near Western Link), Faversham, ME13 7UD - 01795 561100 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Shell Petrol Station (Margate Service Station), 292 Northdown Road, Margate, CT9 2PT - 01843 229850
Tesco Extra Broadstairs, 475 Margate Road, Broadstairs, CT10 2QJ - 0345 677 9112
Co-op Food/Texaco Petrol Station, Tothill Street, Minster, Ramsgate, CT12 4AY - 01843 823490
Jet Petrol Station (Pegwell Bay Service Station/Cliffsend Garage), Sandwich Road, Ramsgate, CT12 5JB - 01843 588604
Tesco Ramsgate Manston, Manston Road, Ramsgate, CT12 6NT - 0345 677 9584 (No longer open 24 hours)
Sainsbury's Thanet West Wood Cross, Dadson Way, Ramsgate, CT12 5FJ - 01843 258410 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Marks & Spencer, Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, Margate Road, Broadstairs, CT10 2BF - 01843 609531 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Tonbridge & Malling
Tesco Extra Aylesford Lunsford Park, Lunsford Park, Larkfield, ME20 6RJ - 0345 677 9445
Spar/Esso Petrol Station (MRH Ditton), 613 London Road, Ditton, ME20 6DL - 01732 874467
Shell Cossington Petrol Station, A229 Southbound (Chatham Road), Blue Bell Hill, Aylesford, ME20 7EE - 01634 687356
Spar/BP Petrol Station (Parkfoot Garage), 265 London Road, West Malling, ME19 5AE - 01732 840000
Jet Petrol Station (MRH Offham Service Station), London Road, Addington, West Malling, ME19 5AL - 01732 873584
M&S Simply Food/BP Petrol Station, A228 Holborough Road/Ladds Lane, Snodland, ME6 5PH - 01634 240659
Shell Tonbridge Petrol Station, 54 Quarry Hill Road, Quarry Hill Road, Tonbridge, TN9 2SA - 01732 360521
Shell Petrol Station (Wrotham Service Station), London Road (A20), Wrotham, TN15 7RR - 01732 780508
Asda Kingshill, 1 Alexander Grove, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4SZ - 01732 229000 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Sainsbury's Larkfield, Quarry Wood Industrial Estate, Mills Road, Aylesford, ME20 7NA - 01622 790223 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Shell Petrol Station (Shipbourne Road Service Station), Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge, TN10 3ED - 01732 373910 (Not currently open 24 hours)
M&S Simply Food/BP Petrol Station (Hilden Service Station), 81 Tonbridge Road, Hildenborough, TN11 9BS - 01732 832881 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Tunbridge Wells
BP Connect Petrol Station/M&S Simply Food (Blue Boys Service Station), Hastings Road, Matfield, TN12 7HE - 01892 822129
Esso MRH Paddock Wood Service Station, 147 Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, TN12 6DT - 01892 837924 (Not currently open 24 hours)
Shell St Johns Petrol Station, 37 St Johns Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9TP - 01892 618602
Sainsbury’s Tunbridge Wells, Linden Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5QL - 01892 513270 (Not currently open 24 hours)

Some of the late night drinks delivery services in SE London deliver alcohol to some parts of Kent throughout the night, so if you would rather have your booze delivered, take a look at South East London and Kent Alcohol Delivery Services.

Other 24hr off licences near Kent: Essex, London, (Bexley and Bromley), Surrey and Sussex (East Sussex).

The off licences listed on this page are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours a day by the 13 local licensing authorities in the county of Kent: Ashford Borough Council, Canterbury City Council, Dartford Borough Council, Dover District Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Maidstone Borough Council, Medway Council, Sevenoaks District Council, Shepway District Council, Swale Borough Council, Thanet District Council, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Please Note: Just because a shop is listed as having a 24 hour alcohol licence doesn't necessarily mean that the shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's up to each individual shop to decide whether or not it uses its 24 hour alcohol licence (there are some shops that have decided not to sell booze all night even though they are licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours). It's also worth noting that large 24 hour supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda) are not open all night on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays (due to Sunday trading laws in England and Wales), so are only of any use on weekdays or Friday nights. Some large Tesco supermarkets (usually Tesco Extra branches) now open at midnight on Monday morning (probably classed as Sunday night by most people). We've tried to list the phone number for each 24 hour off licence so you can confirm opening times before setting off on your quest for 24 hour booze. If you're planning to visit one of the large supermarket chains then you may prefer to use their store locator to check opening times.